In this game the defending team has one life at each point on the map, the attackers have unlimited lives. During the game if you are hit, you must fall back to the next position on the map. The attackers have to capture every position to win secure victory in the time limit.


In this game players are split into multiple squads, when a player is shot they have to stand still until they are revived, a player can be revived by any team and when revived they join the team that revived them. The biggest team at the end of the time limit wins.


In this game a small team starts as zombies and have to attack the defending team. When the zombies have been shot they have to return to their respawn point. If a defender is shot they
will switch sides to the zombie team.


In this game you have two medics. Medics can revive players by either giving them a shot of adernaline or by tapping players. Medics can be revived by another medic. Once both medics are killed the game will end or if the time runs out which ever happens first


Attacking team must deliver a package of explosives under the bridge. While defenders try to hold them off for as a long
as possible.

King Of The Hill

2 teams fight for control of the hill. (Mayan/Bunkers) team possessing the most of the two areas at the end of the time to win.